A Low Cost, Open Source Wireless Sensor Infrastructure for Live Performance and Interactive, Real-Time Environments

Sense/Stage aims to make wireless sensing and actuating applications easily accessible for artists. From October 2016 onwards, we are developing a new wireless platform, a successor to the Sense/Stage MiniBee.


  • Documentation day

    On March 26th, we will host a documentation day in Amsterdam from 13h to 17h. We will give an overview of the new documentation for Sense/Stage and explain how you can contribute to improve the documentation. We will also present what we have achieved over the past months in the development of Sense/Stage: the new MiniBee revision and the first prototype for the successor!

  • New documentation pages for the MiniBee

    As revision F of the MiniBee is being manufactured and as the PCB design of the successor is on its way, the team has been working on revising the documentation pages as well.

  • New revision of the MiniBee

    While we are working out the new wireless module, a new edition of the MiniBee will come out. I ensured that this new revision is compatible with the previous version of the MiniBee in terms of footprint and connectivity, but I have made various small improvements on the board based on the feedback from users:

  • Design concept

    The Design concept pages describe the design as we lined it out during our brainstorm session. You’re invited to give feedback on these design documents via the forum!

  • Forum online

    There is a forum online now to discuss everything surrounding Sense/Stage! Please join us there!

  • Public brainstorm session

    On November 18, we will host a brainstorm session to discuss the desired features for the successor of the Sense/Stage MiniBee, the associated software and documentation. This brainstorm session will take place from 15h to 18h in Amsterdam. Please send an email to sign up to join this meeting. If you cannot attend, but do wish to give input to the process, please fill in this questionnaire before the meeting!

  • Grant received from Creative Industry Fund NL

    The grant application to the Creative Industry Fund NL has been succesful! This means that over the next three months we can investigate options for the successor to the Sense/Stage MiniBee and work out a plan for the rest of the development.