While we are working out the new wireless module, a new edition of the MiniBee will come out. I ensured that this new revision is compatible with the previous version of the MiniBee in terms of footprint and connectivity, but I have made various small improvements on the board based on the feedback from users:

  • a different on/off switch, which is both mechanically and electronically more sturdy
  • a 300 mA voltage regulator instead of 150 mA
  • pads on the bottom that break out power supply, the on/off switch, and the interrupt pins of the accelerometer
  • an exchange of pin D2 and D7 - so that the interrupt capability of D2 can be used by the user (a firmware update is forthcoming)

Also the design has been moved from the (closed source) Eagle software to the open source Kicad software, so that the design of this open source hardware module is now also made with open source software.

The boards are currently being manufactured and I hope that new modules can be shipped in March 2017!