The documentation pages will have two main categories: one related to the Sense/Stage MiniBee and one to the new wireless device.

Then there will be different tags based on function (which part of the ecology do they relate to) and level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and type of documentation (reference or guide)

Top level categories:

  • MiniBee
  • Next Stage

Functional tags:

  • hardware
  • firmware
  • configuration
  • software
  • usage (mapping data, handling battery, antenna’s)

Level tags:

  • getting started
  • intermediate
  • advanced

Type tags:

  • reference
  • guide



  • board overview
  • expansion boards…


  • installation of python software
  • basic OSC interface
  • configuration file
  • advanced OSC interface
  • installation of C++ software

  • getting set up & configured
  • connecting to various programs via OSC
  • more in-depth treatment of OSC protocol
  • more in-depth treatment of configuration
  • Experts: on-the-fly configurations
  • Example projects/tutorials


  • Introduction to the structure of the firmware
  • Installing new firmware
  • Expert: Case studies where it would be useful to create new firmware: i.e. output control, I2C communication, SPI communication…


  • Coverage of preparing new Xbees for use with the system.
  • Changing the Pan ID and channel

Next Stage

… similar …